As an industry partner in promoting our members’ progress, we recognize an immediate need for resources aimed at helping our dealers adapt to a very different way of doing business.


To help your organization throughout this uncertainty, INDEAL is offering a Dealer Support Package that includes a selection of valuable tools available to you at no additional cost.

A message from Dave Bloch, co-founder of INDEAL

On behalf of our entire team, I want to wish you well during this trying time. As we navigate our way through the global health crisis affecting us all on many levels, it’s my hope that by working together, we will come out of it even stronger. I hope you will take advantage of the enhanced tools within our Dealer Support Package and encourage you to reach out if there are other ways in which INDEAL can help you and your organization.

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We've carefully crafted our support package to help you in a variety of ways.

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Stay tuned for future updates

There's more up our sleeves that our team is working on! Here's a sneak peek at some of the things currently on our radar...

  • Brand Partner Shipping Status Update

  • Quick Ship Programs

  • ESI as an Alternative Project Survival Kit

  • Virtual Product Launch for Func.

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