Wellness in the Workplace

Updated: May 20

When Office Design is Healthy for People, it’s Healthy for Business This month we’re focusing on wellness in the workplace – creating spaces to support physical and mental wellbeing through workspace options incorporating furnishings that encourage movement, communicate cleanliness, and bring elements of the outdoors inside. Take a little time to explore some unique ways to introduce wellness attributes in the workplace, and in your work from home office.

Wellbeing – The state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous. - Merriam Webster

Idea Starters for Healthy Spaces

Creating Workspaces that Encourage Healthy Movement Workspaces should support your body and encourage a range of movement throughout the day to keep you focused and alert. Consider an ergonomic task chair and sit-to-stand desk for healthy transitions from seated to standing posture, then complete the space with ergonomic work tools like monitor arms and keyboard trays.

Global Furniture Group - Task Seating Moving to different spaces to work is another easy way to incorporate movement into your workday, helping you stay focused and engaged at the same time. More casual spaces with soft seating and portable laptop tables work well for reviewing information or catching up on email.

Thonet - Blog Collection ESI - Motific Height Adjustable Table Creating Spaces that Communicate Cleanliness and Cleanability Building on last month’s Dividing and Defining Spaces, incorporating sanitation and health checkpoints, as well as air filtration systems, helps reassure employees that their workplace is safe. In addition, select materials that are highly cleanable and have antimicrobial or antibacterial attributes.

Aeromax - Air Purifiers Magnuson - Sanitization Stations Creating Spaces that Bring Elements of the Outdoors, Inside Natural light, plants, and organic materials all have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. When possible, leave the perimeter of the building interior clear from high walls and private offices, allowing as much daylight as possible. When that’s not an option, consider incorporating natural daylight lamps into the space.

Ottlite - WorkWell Sanitizing Lights Plants and biophilia elements are another great option. Studies have shown that integrating nature into the office environment boosts mental clarity, engagement and decision-making abilities.

in2Design - Bloom Planters Quiet Earth Moss - Preserved Moss Walls Lastly, if you have the opportunity, work outdoors! Outdoor spaces are an easy post-installation addition for individual, team, and social spaces.

Homecrest - Infiniti, Allure and Elements

Articles on Wellness in the Workplace

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