Two INDEAL Conferences Planned for 2020

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

INDEAL, a partner in progress to both dealers and suppliers in the commercial furniture industry, will host two conferences in 2020 for its members. Aiming to foster valuable relationships and provide insight into the INDEAL program, each event offers a distinct experience based on its target attendance.

While the company’s Champion conference is geared toward INDEAL’s main point of contact, or Champion, who drives the program within their dealership, the Leadership event is designed exclusively for dealer management who’ve invested in program membership.

The 5th annual Champion conference will take place April 27th - 30th in New Orleans, where 50 dealer representatives and over 30 supplier partners are slated to attend. Sessions during the event will focus on empowering Champions through knowledge, networking, and the skills to succeed, enabling them to strengthen their business using benefits and services their membership provides.

Intended to keep dealer management abreast of the industry’s evolution and how INDEAL’s program continues to develop in stride, attendees of the Leadership Conference are given a platform for information gathering, a forum to promote peer engagement, and significant knowledge on leveraging program membership to grow their businesses. INDEAL’s Leadership event will take place in San Diego from November 8th to 11th.

Jodie Ryndak, Vice President of INDEAL had this to say about the two events, “True success within the program starts at the top and spreads from within. When leadership fully understands how INDEAL can support their company’s growth, they’re most effective at communicating expectations to sales and designers. INDEAL’s conferences fully support this multi-faceted approach to success.”