Next Up: Idea and Solutions Books for Healing and Building

Two more books, aimed at providing dealers with unique resources to support their sales efforts, are being added to INDEAL’s 2019 suite of marketing collateral with the release of print and digital Idea and Solutions Books for Healing and Building in July. INDEAL is a partner to dealers and suppliers in the commercial furniture industry, dedicated to supporting its members’ progress and growth through a range of programs and initiatives that provide solutions to ease the sales process.

When the need arises for dealers to look outside their alignment, there are an overwhelming number of alternatives to consider. This is where INDEAL’s focused product strategy, supported by Idea and Solutions Books, can help. The program’s manufacturer partners, showcased in the books, are thoroughly vetted so dealers can count on high-level quality and service within this select offering.

The full 2019 suite of marketing collateral presents product ranging from workplace staples like desks, conference tables and task seating; to those that enhance a space, like specialty filing, storage and soft seating; to making an environment complete with receptacles, signage and artwork. Vertical markets like education, healthcare and architectural solutions, as part of the most recent launch, are also addressed in the collection. In addition, INDEAL publishes an annual GSA flipbook, which includes supplier contract information to support government projects.

Print is Powerful!

The goal for using INDEAL marketing pieces is to pique a customer’s interest in the products a dealership offers. Once an overall direction has been established, online resources, like My Resource Library can provide product collateral.


Idea Books showcase items that display a broad range of dealer capabilities that clients may not have been aware a dealer can offer. Things like coat racks, waste receptacles, signage and artwork are all essentials that make a space move-in ready. End-users will need to purchase these things at some point, and Idea Books can encourage them to purchase these things from the dealer.


Out of sight, out of mind can be ruled out. The contract look of Idea Books complements a dealer’s aligned materials and provides clients with a beautiful leave-behind for future reference.


With so much information just a click away, most clients do research of their own before they even contact a dealer for help. By that time, they’ve likely been influenced by unrealistic expectations like 2-day shipping and the ability to source residential product for commercial environments. Digital versions of Idea and Solutions books can be embedded to a dealer’s website, directing clients to appropriate solutions for their business space, guiding them to make more informed decisions.

For more information on INDEAL publications and programs, visit our Marketing Collateral page.