INsight | Living up to Being Live: Virtual Events Can Deliver an Amazing Experience

All businesses, regardless of size and type of industry, have been greatly affected by the coronavirus and the lockdowns and restrictions that have accompanied it. One of the most pressing challenges has been the lack of face-to-face networking opportunities. Not only the day-to-day interactions, but particularly large live events, like seminars, trade shows, and conferences.

While there’s nothing quite like being able to engage with others in-person, in a time when social distancing discourages these types of interactions, particularly on a large scale, companies are reimagining their own events and taking them online. And, though these virtual events may be looked at as a “Plan B” to replace a live conference or trade show, the results are often of “Plan A” caliber! Here’s why: Virtual events attract a wider audience: Physical space is not a concern when your event is online, which means you can open invitations past the usual live guest list. While you do miss the personal connection and conversation that live events bring, most online platforms have the means to support chat functions, even with an extensive audience. So, meaningful dialogue can still take place, and can often exceed that of a live event where some may not feel empowered to openly share their voice. Virtual events can be more accommodating to guest schedules: Live events generally take attendees away from their offices and homes for days at a time, leaving people to try and juggle work vs. home vs. travel responsibilities, and may even cause some important invitees to miss the event altogether. Virtual events meet attendees right where they are, making it easier to connect. Virtual events can better showcase event speakers: Production values in hotel ballrooms or auditoriums vary greatly. And, depending on the size of the space, some attendees may not have the best seat to watch the action of a stage presentation causing them to miss valuable information. Virtual presentations are always front and center with the speaker and accompanying graphics within inches from a viewer, increasing engagement in the message. Virtual events are safer for all: Perhaps the most obvious (but no less important!) is that virtual conferences allow companies to uphold social distancing and keep people safe from the spread of an invasive virus. Professionals can still communicate and make needed connections, but the health and well-being of all will be protected throughout the event through a virtual auditorium, of sorts. With the thought of safety in mind, INDEAL’s 2020 Leadership Conference will be an E-vent, held online Monday, November 9th. The INDEAL team is already planning for a virtual event that will change the way you think about virtual events! INDEAL Leadership Evolution is a unique opportunity for dealer-member executives to gain exclusive expertise, awareness, and invaluable connections aimed at supporting business success. Registration opens on August 9th.