INDEAL Welcomes Three New Supplier Partners to Program

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

In offering dealers an expanded range of product options when the need to consider alternatives arises, INDEAL has partnered with three new suppliers: Frövi, in2design, and fluidconcepts. INDEAL provides its dealers with a focused product strategy supported by a range of services and initiatives aimed at easing their day-to-day sales process.

Frövi, a British furniture company founded in 1976 and influenced by Scandinavian style and ingenuity, is building on three years of success in Canada by expanding its North American operations and launching the line to the US market. Providing innovative, distinctive furniture with signature bold colors and quality craftsmanship, Frövi product is dedicated to meeting, eating and relaxation within corporate and community environments, creating social spaces that stimulate success. Frövi North America has partnered with Kitchener, Ontario-based Stance Healthcare, leveraging the strong relationships and distribution network Stance has built over the past decade within the contract furniture industry.