INDEAL Launches New Solutions for Client Engagement

The latest additions to our 2019 suite of Idea and Solutions Books have just been released, providing dealers with a visual way to start conversations while narrowing down product to streamline their sales process.

INDEAL’s client engagement tools support our manufacturer partners and provide a way for dealers to implement the program with ease. While we realize our tech-savvy world skews toward one-click digital marketing messages that are opened and closed in seconds, research shows that print is a much more effective vehicle for deeper, long-lasting engagement with buyers. Consumers typically spend more time with print materials, and, for that reason, they are a resource for storytelling and brand equity building.

Keeping the storytelling benefit in mind, our suite of books is positioned as a collection of idea starters and can assist in presenting ideas in a strong, visually appealing way. In addition, they provide:

Focus A dealer’s primary responsibility is to work within their alignment, yet it’s sometimes necessary to consider alternatives. Let’s face it, with hundreds of manufacturers to choose from, that’s easier said than done. Here’s where narrowing down options for end-users by presenting a select group of quality suppliers becomes important.

Awareness Idea Books showcase items that display a broad range of dealer capabilities that clients may not have been aware of. Things like coat racks, waste receptacles, signage and artwork are all essentials that make a space move-in ready. End-users will need to purchase these items somewhere, and Idea and Solutions books can help encourage that transaction.


Early stages of product planning can be overwhelming to clients. By providing them with a visual way to begin the conversation about their needs and preferences, projects tend to go smoothly and quickly.

Promotion Out of sight, out of mind can be ruled out. The contract look of INDEAL’s Idea and Solutions books compliments a dealership’s aligned materials and provides clients with a beautiful leave-behind to reference in the future.

INDEAL dealers should contact Jen Grubba to order additional copies of Idea or Solutions Books.