INDEAL Launches Major Rebranding

INDEAL has launched a major rebranding initiative reflective of the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing, full-service solutions provider for dealers in the commercial interiors industry.

Dave Gatherum, chief operating officer at INDEAL, said, “As drivers in the commercial interiors industry, dealers face many challenges. In the beginning, our value proposition focused on a dealer’s financial growth. The success of this model led to INDEAL’s ability to continually add and evolve services to address a wider range of dealer needs.”

“Our vision has been to work with our members to create real partnership with significant benefits,” adds Gatherum, “I believe, with the addition of INDEAL U, design-forward marketing tools and product specification services, we have created a better version of ourselves and it was time to reflect that in our branding.”

In addition to developing more dynamic services, INDEAL created a second dealer program, Latitude; hired a director of Canadian operations; and merged with the veteran buying group, WPF. The company continues to cultivate and leverage relationships with forward-thinking businesses, providing a one-of-a-kind toolkit for members and partners and a high-level vantage point from which to plan for the future.

Dave Bloch, chief executive officer of INDEAL says, “We have unique capabilities to make connections between companies resulting in dramatic growth and stability. The strength of the relationships fostered by INDEAL allows us to define ourselves in a completely new way and become a multifaceted support partner for dealers, manufacturers and their sales reps.”

INDEAL’s rebranding includes a new website, logo, graphics, and communications. The logo retains some familiar aspects while becoming more modern and streamlined, reflective of the care our industry takes in terms of design. The reimagined website is a comprehensive resource for dealer members and manufacturing partners. A new tagline, Partners in Progress, celebrates the enterprising nature of both groups while recognizing that the ability to achieve growth is easier when you rely on support from a company dedicated to it.