INDEAL Introduces Latitude, A Compelling New Dealer Membership Program

Bringing an exciting new dimension to the value proposition it provides the industry, INDEAL has introduced Latitude, an alternative program model available to dealers who wish to participate in the group. INDEAL’s legacy program, now referred to as Elite, continues to serve dealers in the ways which propelled it to become the industry’s premier membership organization.

“The dealer community today does not operate in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ world and INDEAL’s new Latitude program reflects that,” commented INDEAL co-founder Dave Gatherum. “The basic goal of INDEAL is the same—to provide innovative, cost-effective programs that support dealer growth and profitability—but Latitude and Elite aim to meet that goal in different ways because dealers operate in different ways.”

INDEAL’s Elite program, which is currently used by 87 of the top 100 dealers by volume in the country, is tailored for dealerships where over 50% of sales are generated by products from their primary manufacturer.

Latitude, in contrast, aims to meet the needs of dealers who derive less than 50% of their overall volume from their primary supplier and who therefore have greater flexibility or latitude to specify product from INDEAL manufacturers.

While dealers enrolled in the Elite program will typically nominate a key point of contact within their organization as their INDEAL Champion to ensure the dealership makes the most of all that INDEAL offers, Latitude dealers will see a greater level of involvement from the dealer principal. Support for Latitude dealer principals will include business-critical benchmarking and reporting as well as a monthly peer group meeting and conference. Latitude dealers will also have access to a broader portfolio of value-driven products.

“One of the key factors for any dealer’s success in today’s market is their ability to build relationships and provide progressive, flexible solutions to meet their customers’ needs,” said Gatherum. “Our Elite and Latitude programs give INDEAL the ability to do just that and create a genuine win-win-win for INDEAL, our manufacturer partners and the dealers we serve.”

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