Veteran Graphic Design Specialist Added to Marketing Team

Over 10 years of graphic design experience at work for INDEAL dealers and suppliers.

INDEAL, a marketing partner for dealers and suppliers, has appointed Gina Fischer, an office furniture veteran with over ten years of graphic design experience in the industry, as its Graphic Design Specialist, a new position.

Before joining INDEAL, Fischer served as Lead Graphic Design Specialist and 3D Visualization Designer for the Mayline Company, where she played a key role in upgrading that company’s image library and its 3D rendering capabilities.

In her new role with INDEAL, Fischer will not only work on expanding the group’s library of product images from individual manufacturers but also develop renderings of environments that feature products from multiple manufacturers, to emphasize INDEAL dealer members’ expertise as world-class solutions providers with the ability to draw on a wide range of workplace resources for their customers.

Currently INDEAL offers a broad array of Idea Books for its INDEAL Elite members, dealerships where over 50% of sales are generated by products from their primary manufacturer. Each publication in the collection focuses on a particular vertical market or product category offering exceptional sales and profit opportunities.

A similar selection of INDEAL Solutions Books is available for the group’s Latitude program members, dealerships whose sales are less concentrated towards a single manufacturer and who therefore have greater flexibility or latitude to specify product from INDEAL manufacturers.

“At INDEAL, we are committed to creating top quality marketing resources for our members that help them establish clear points of differentiation from their competitors in the marketplace,” commented INDEAL Vice President of Marketing Kristi Rubino. “The experience and skill set that Gina Fischer brings to our organization will make an important contribution to meeting that commitment and help make INDEAL membership even more valuable, for manufacturers and dealers alike.”

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