INDEAL Adds Two New Manufacturers to Supplier Portfolio

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

INDEAL, the premier purchasing organization for the contract furniture industry, has announced further expansion of its portfolio of top quality industry manufacturers with the addition of two new supplier partners, Nook and Hush. Both companies offer innovative, cost-effective solutions designed to address the noise and privacy issues created by today’s open office workspaces.

Nook offers a line of open meeting pods that provide quiet, distraction-free touchdown spaces within offices or any other environment that lacks privacy and/or is loud. Nook is enclosed on two or three sides and comes with a roof. Nook also includes casters, so it is mobile, and pods can be linked together end-to-end, side-to-side or configured to create a café, depending on user needs. Nook pods also have power, including LED lighting and a wireless charging station, with space for storage under the seating area.

Manufactured in Poland, the Hush collection of booths provides individual quiet spaces for busy open-plan offices. The acoustic booths are expertly designed to introduce sound-proofed, enclosed, stand-alone spaces that transform a work environment, adding wellbeing to the office. Hush products include:

Hush Phone - The perfect compact acoustic space for phone calls, video conferencing and a silent retreat for uninterrupted work, offering peace, privacy and efficient conversations.

Hush Work - The ideal space for individual work, creative thinking and longer video conferencing, allowing concentration free from interruptions.

Hush Meet - The perfect space for small meetings of up to four people, providing a place to collaborate, discuss confidential matters, brainstorm, conduct interviews and much more.

“Use of open office concepts can serve as a very effective way to encourage collaboration in today’s work environments, but workers will still have times when they need a quiet place,” says INDEAL co-founder Dave Bloch. “Nook and Hush both offer innovative, value-based solutions to meet that need and we are very pleased to welcome them to the INDEAL family.”

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