Dividing and Defining Spaces within Open Plan Environments

Updated: Apr 29

We’re Ready to Return to the Workplace One key consideration in rethinking the office is creating spaces within open plan environments that employees are comfortable returning to. How do you continue to serve the original intent of increased collaboration and knowledge sharing, while clearly communicating physical distancing, circulation patterns, and spatial context in a way that ensures people using the space can be and feel safe?

Adaptable Space Division Ideas for Now, and What’s Next

INDEAL has collaborated with several Brand Partners in creating idea starters for how non-permanent space division elements can be incorporated into open plan environments to meet both immediate and long-term space needs, including wellness, safety, multi-functionality, and adaptability.

Idea Starters

Suspended Ceilings and Wall Panels Divide and define spaces while accounting for other needs within an environment, like overhead lighting or visual and acoustical features. As an added benefit, these elements incorporate layers of interest through color, texture, and pattern.

ezoBord - Suspended Ceilings, Wall Panels and Suspended Office Freestanding or Building Attached Room Dividers Define open spaces by forming targeted work areas through stand-alone or fully enclosed room-within-a-room solutions. Dividers can also differentiate space when configured in a linear wall application, potentially adding multifunctional elements to the wall, including tack or markerboards, glass panels for light throughput, and planters and signage to finish the space.

Indiana Furniture - Square One Tall Storage This is an adaptable space division option, providing clear delineation between work and team spaces, with multifunctional elements including storage and integrated communication boards.

Waddell - Define Free-Standing and Mobile Communication Boards and Screens These are simple to move as individual or team space needs change, and multifunctional for personal or team brainstorming, incorporating color, texture, and material elements that can inspire or calm the mood of the space as well.

Claridge - Room Dividers and Mobiles

Additional Tools and Resources

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