Connecting and Collaborating in the Hybrid Workplace

The hybrid workplace, a blend of in-person and remote, is nothing new. With the workforce transitioning from 100% remote work to an estimated mix of 60% in-person/40% remote, spaces need to transition to help employees reconnect, rediscover the art of collaborating, and instill a sense of safety and wellness.

Designing Spaces that Engage, Inspire, and Connect

Give Everyone a Clear View Position furnishings in a way that enables in-person and remote attendees to see everyone in the meeting. Mobile monitor mounts allow for remote attendees to view whiteboards and information shared throughout the space. For large groups, incorporate tiered seating and table options, elevating individuals in the back for a clear sight line.

9to5 - Luna | Trendway - Standing Height Tables Give Employees a Sense of Safety and Wellness Bringing people back together safely is a key priority in the workplace. Sanitation stations and air purification units communicate and support a commitment to employee safety. In addition, hands-free technology options, like automatic doors and app-based collaboration and reservation technologies, work to minimize the spread of germs.

Trendway - Fellowes® AeraMax® Pro Air Purifiers Get the Most out of Every Square Foot Work is dynamic – so it only makes sense that furniture and tools should be as well. Enable teams to quickly reconfigure group spaces to meet their needs in the moment with easy-to-move furniture and space division options. Consider nesting tables and nesting or stacking chairs that are simple to move and store. Mobile collaboration boards and monitor mounts support collaboration and can serve to divide space and provide visual privacy.

FUNC - Free Standing Screen | Trendway - Zona Training Table, Zadi Seating Keep Everyone Connected Transitioning from all remote to a blend of in-person and remote requires a broader approach to team technology. In addition to the videoconferencing platforms we’ve become familiar with, include new technologies that help teams better connect, share, and manage work.

MooreCo, I3 Technologies - I3Touch E-Series Interactive Display

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