Announcing Volume 6 of Inspiration at Work

In response to a continued need for marketing collateral aimed at reaching buyers and influencers within the commercial furniture industry’s A&D community, we have released our sixth volume of Inspiration at Work.

The bi-annual publication can help dealers develop new client relationships by appealing to creative sensibilities, with each volume featuring a unique expression of art outside the commercial furniture industry. The printed piece creates a mood board centered around design elements to provide a unique and highly visual resource intended to spark inspiration.

Volume 6 of the booklet celebrates the medium of nature macro photography and the effect that artistic expression has on a viewer’s overall well-being. Research shows that being surrounded by nature, even in the form of art, triggers a positive emotional association process in the brain, which can have beneficial effect on our state of rest and anxiety levels.

Many dealers in today’s busy market struggle to keep up with their current workload, with little time leftover to focus on establishing new relationships. Our marketing initiatives, like the Inspiration program, support growth and progress by providing members with tools that can ease their day-to-day efforts.

Dealer members interested in learning more about the Inspirations program should contact Jen Grubba, our Director of Marketing Resources at