Companies are looking for guidance in creating safe and effective spaces for workers to return to, so the INDEAL team has been keeping an eye on what top industry leaders and thought experts have had to say about the state of the workplace post-COVID-19.

Find inspiration and education by exploring the resources provided here. And, as always, feel free to connect with us for more assistance.


Space Reconfiguration Services

Need a hand reconfiguring spaces for your clients to address the needs of the post-COVID workplace? Our partners at KiSP are offering:

  • De-densification studies and proposals

  • Analysis of every workspace

    • Proposed solutions for short term (day 1) and long term (30-60 days)

  • Functional analysis and circulation proposals

Recommendations are delivered in a customized presentation with your dealership's branding. Additional services are also available, such as specification and animations. Contact KiSP to get started today!


Brand Partners Guides and Resources

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Special-T | Social Distancing Products for Offices and Workplaces


With the workplace changing at rapid pace, social distancing products and protocols for the workplace are at the forefront of furniture design. Special-T has put together their social distancing product options for your convenience.

Nook | COVID-19 Action Plan - Helping Workspaces Adapt  

Looking at the back-to-work life and preparing for the changes to come, Nook has came out with their plan on how they are going to help within the industry through assisting local healthcare, helping the workplace adapt, and new work-from-home solutions are all part of their plan. 

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Indiana Furniture | Retrofit/Redesign with Screens and Dividers


Indiana Furniture has expanded their options to further provide privacy and safety in response to the changes in working environments. View their guide to learn how to use their new screen styles to easily retrofit workstations.

Stance Healthcare | Design Considerations for Post COVID-19 Waiting Spaces

Stance Healthcare has provided tips to help reshape waiting area design post-COVID because "waiting areas that adhere to physical distancing guidelines, and offer enhanced cleaning capabilities must be achieved both now and in the future." 

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INDEAL Educational Product Recommendations

We've rounded up our recommendations for INDEAL brand partner products to address returning to school. Explore the presentation below to learn more about solutions available from INDEAL brands within the education space.

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INDEAL Product Recommendations

A wide range of solutions are available through INDEAL Brand Partners that address post-COVID-19 situations. Check out the solutions we've collected in the presentation featured below.


INDEAL Design Guide

What will the future of the office environment look like? Our Product Services team has answered this question with our own Post COVID-19 Design Guide. The presentation featured below examines considerations that will alter the design of future office environments. 

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Global | Rebooting the Workplace Brochures

Global has added simple, affordable elements to their product portfolio to help you adapt your furniture to the COVID-19 workplace. With the Rebooting the Workplace brochures, Global aims to help get you ready for the ‘new normal’ and rethink the ways we interact in our everyday work spaces. 

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SAFCO | Guide for Returning to the Physical Workplace

As you welcome your team back to the workplace, your daily routines and office layout might need a few adjustments to keep workers feeling safe and healthy. Making small yet thoughtful changes doesn't need to break the bank but will go a long way in making employees feel respected and valued.

Frövi | Changing Workplace Guide

In Frövi's Changing Workplaces guide, they explore re-configured spaces showing before and after settings having implemented social distancing guidelines. They also offer new perspectives on Frövi product designs that can provide mobility in the workplace, allowing for products to be moved into new settings.

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Trendway | Workspace Evolution:

Ideas for Returning to Work

The densification of the workplace, lower paneled environments and the open office, while popular over the last decade, do not conform to the new normal. We are learning new things every day on how to make the changes necessary to adapt to be safe. This guide is meant to provide some ideas that take into account, budgets, resources and the level of risk to be managed.

Magnuson Group | Return-to-Work Solutions That Make a Statement

Magnuson Group has gathered their product solutions to help revolutionize the return-to-work office space. Providing you with the tools and product knowledge needed leading into the new COVID-19 work place. 

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Legal Resources 

The current pandemic creates certain risks for dealerships; those who have physical contact with their customers should consider implementing certain legal tools as first steps to protect against potential liability. 

The Vaughn Law Group is ready to lend their expertise on creating liability waivers, assessing insurance coverage, and more.