This program is for dealers who exercise more freedom in terms of product selection. We call that Latitude and we're big fans!

A Latitude dealer's executive management team is very involved in implementing the INDEAL program and services within their business. They know the benefits and how to seize on opportunities.

If you are a Canadian dealer which fits this business model, this is your program too!

Services That Work for You​


Latitude dealers are resourceful and hard-working. INDEAL offers them numerous ways to grow their businesses without having to expend valuable resources. We're an extension of your team and can back up our services with industry intelligence. 

From marketing tools to product services to a dealer principal online discussion about topics that matter, the Latitude program works for you.

Product Expertise and Specification Services


You're in the program. Now, we want to make the INDEAL program easy to use. We help our dealers host vendor fairs, supply search tools and provide qualified product recommendations.

Your INDEAL membership offers ways to grow your margins by simply choosing to specify product from the INDEAL collection of product partners. With proven track records of success and a commitment to provide quality products and good service, you can't go wrong.


Learn all about the ways we help you succeed in terms of your product focus strategy.


Continuous Learning


The service most requested by dealers is a comprehensive way for both new hires to learn the industry and seasoned staff to hone their skills.


Our answer is INDEAL U! 

Peer Connections


INDEAL supports a dealer's growth by fostering peer connections including:


Attending INDEAL's annual executive forum is an important opportunity to network with peers, assess your business' practices, and learn about the trends that will affect your business.  


Our monthly discussions online ensure the practice continues throughout the year. INDEAL moderates the sessions...but it's your meeting! Learn from the collective knowledge available in the Latitude program.



The latest software platforms and online tools propel savvy dealers to the head of the pack. INDEAL builds relationships with both established resources and those offering a new way of approaching the industry for your benefit.

Companies working with INDEAL to provide solutions:



The relationships we cultivate give us the industry intelligence needed to build advantageous programs for dealers.


Latitude dealers have access to: