This is the program upon which we are proud to say we built our business. It was developed with the simple philosophy that smart companies work even better when they work together. Elite dealers use INDEAL services and solutions to become stronger. In return, they help us understand what it takes to be leaders in the industry so that our program provides more value.


In 2018, we expanded our Elite model offering into Canada, fully supported by market experts and individualized services relevant to those areas.

2020 Champion Conference

is at The NOPSI Hotel

New Orleans, LA

April 27-30

Find out how to qualify

to attend this exciting educational event!

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The Champion Program

Elite dealers benefit from INDEAL's Champion program. We work personally with your designated Champion to develop ways to grow margins specific to your needs. This includes outreach by our Champion coordinator and monthly roundtable meetings.

Empowered Champions are crucial to the success of the program. Learn more about educational opportunities for Champions including the opportunity to qualify to attend an energizing annual conference at no cost to you.

Elite Dealer Benefits

As leaders in your market, you're smart about the way you approach business. Reach your next-level goals with the training, strategic product focus and high-level partnerships available through INDEAL.


Focused Product Strategy

You're in the program. Now, we want to make the INDEAL program easy to use. We help our dealers host vendor fairs, supply search tools and provide qualified product recommendations.

Your INDEAL membership equips you with smart ways to shorten the sales cycle and to expand the scope of product for every project, in every market. Idea Books focus your client and help them better articulate their needs.


For engaging with designers, the inspirations marketing program provides ideas in a way they're sure to appreciate.

Learn all about the ways we help you succeed in terms of your product focus strategy.


Continuous Learning

The service most requested by dealers is a comprehensive way to for both new hires to learn the industry and seasoned staff to hone their skills.


Our answer is INDEAL U! 



The relationships we cultivate give us the industry intelligence needed to build advantageous programs for dealers.


Elite dealers have access to:



The latest software platforms and online tools propel savvy dealers to the head of the pack. INDEAL builds relationships with both established resources and those offering a new way of approaching the industry for your benefit.


Companies working with INDEAL to provide solutions: