After participating in the INDEAL program for even a short period, most dealerships' management start to realize a couple of things.


1) The program is helping the dealership grow.


2) With someone internally providing a little more focus, rewards increase.


It then becomes very important to appoint the right person to be your Champion.


What Makes a Good Champion

The INDEAL Champion meets these criteria:

  • Desires to make a difference in a dealership's overall success.

  • Has the flexibility to answer questions as needed.

  • Has a good relationship with the design and sales staff.

  • Has the initiative to deliver short, quarterly INDEAL training.

  • Has the time to discuss the program with INDEAL dealer implementation staff.

  • Has the time and initiative to set up meetings with our manufacturers' reps. 

  • Has ideas and suggestions to contribute during annual Champion conference if in attendance.

The INDEAL Champion Conference Will Be In Person Again - 

April 25 - 28, 2022! 


We'll be announcing our destination at extended Roundtable Meetings this April, so stay tuned for details.

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